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Styling Your Session

Updated: May 18, 2022

After location, the first thing you’ll want to decide on is how you want everyone to dress. But where to start?

One of the most common questions I’m asked while scheduling photo sessions is, “What should I wear?”

What is the aesthetic you’re going for? Are you looking for bright whites with jeans and light, airy photos or maybe darker tones and a focus on contrast? Deciding your overall look will help guide you with what each person in the session should be wearing.

From color schemes to patterns, there are many ways to have your family or couples “matching” without everyone wearing the same sweater. Fortunately, they are YOUR photos, and whatever you are most comfortable and feel your best in is most important!

And you of course do not have to purchase anything new to wear for your session unless you absolutely want to.

Depending on the time of year, you might be looking for something specific. Temperature, backgrounds with snow or leaves, and upcoming holidays can play a huge role In your final decision.

Check out each seasonal gallery below for some inspiration!

If it’s autumn and you’re wanting to take advantage of the beautiful Michigan fall foliage, you may consider tones like beige, soft white, navy blue, burgundy and deep mustard yellow. Plaid, solid and striped prints are very popular this time of year.

For holiday-themed photos around winter, I recommend bright jewel tones such as red, blue, green, black and white to really stand out. These photos typically include more holiday props, snowy backdrops and less sun, so bright colors are great!

During the springtime, light & soft pastel colors such as lilac, soft pink, mint green, pale blue, and light yellow are gorgeous against flowery backgrounds and nature settings. Floral prints are always a great touch as well!

In summer, you can more easily experiment more with fun prints, bright colors and patterns. With the warmer weather, I recommend lighter fabrics and keeping everyone as cool as possible on warm days to avoid overheating and sweat as much as possible.

With family photos, I like to experiment with having different family members mix & match patterns and colors while having an overall aesthetic or theme to avoid having everyone matching 100%, unless that’s what you’re looking for! The kids in matching shirts with parents wearing a solid similar color or patterns can be great to break up the monotony and still look cohesive.

If you have any questions about styling your next photo session, please reach out! I love helping everyone feel and look their best, and this always starts with outfits!

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